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Carlton Primary Academy

Together We Can Achieve Anything

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.
Senior LeadershipRoles and Responsibilities


Mr A Steadman

Headteacher, Teaching, Learning and Assessment and Outcomes, DSL


Miss A Webb

Deputy Headteacher, SENDCO, Key Stage 1 and Lower Key Stage 2 Leader, Curriculum, Maths and ECT Induction Tutor, DDSL

Wider Educational Support 


Mrs D Liptrot

Safeguarding (DDSL) and Attendance Manager, Parent Support Advisor and SEND Support

Mr N Walters

HLTA with P.E. specialism

 Miss S ReynoldsHLTA with PHSE and Wellbeing Specialism (Lifewise)
 Miss L SwallowLearning Mentor and Early Years SEND Support



Office Staff



Mrs N Nurcombe

Business Manager

Mrs J Thomas



Mrs A Briscoe




Foundation Stage Staff



Miss M Beet

Foundation Stage Leader, Jeffers (F2) teacher, Maths Ambassador and PHSE/RSE Leader 

 Miss D BaxterCarle (F2) teacher (Maternity)
 Miss N GrahamDonaldson (F1) teacher, Art & Design Leader, Design Technology Leader, English Ambassador 

Mrs C Green

Early Years Practitioner

Mrs J Parkin

Miss H Mallinson

Early Years Supply

Early Years Practitioner (Maternity Leave)

 Miss A Manterfield  Early Years Practitioner

KS1 Staff



 Mrs M Warren

KS1 Leader and  Picasso (Year 1/2) class teacher (Maternity Leave)

Miss R Wilkinson

Anning (Year 1/2) class teacher and Reading Leader


Miss R Masters

Sharman (Year 1/2) class teacher, Music Leader and English Ambassador

  Mrs R CookPicasso (Year 1/2) class teacher and ECT

Mrs A Bullen

Teaching Assistant

  Mrs HarrisonTeaching Assistant
  Mrs J CookTeaching Assistant 

Mrs V Williams

Teaching Assistant with SEND support specialism (2 days a week)

 Miss E OgdenTeaching Assistant 

Lower KS2 Staff




Mrs H Taylor

Malala (Year 3/4) class teacher, ICT Leader, English Ambassador and ECT Mentor


Miss E Headen

Attenborough (Year 3/4) class teacher, History Lead, Maths Ambassador and ECT Mentor


  Mr D Dixon

Lennon (Year 3/4) class teacher and ECT 

Mrs J Harwood

Teaching Assistant/HLTA with Outdoor Learning specialism and Breakfast Club

Mrs V Williams 

Teaching Assistant with SEND support specialism (3 days a week)

 Mrs L PileTeaching Assistant 
 Mrs S LarkinTeaching Assistant with SEND support specialism
Upper KS2 Staff 
Miss A WebsterUKS2 Phase Leader, Berners Lee (Year 5) class teacher, RE Leader and Behaviour Leader.


Miss H Rutter

Einstein (Year 6) class teacher, Maths Ambassador, Writing Leader and Science Leader.


  Mr B Roebuck

 Mandela (Year 6) class teacher, PE Leader and English Ambassador 


Mr B Storrar

Ennis-Hill (Year 5) class teacher and Geography Leader

Mrs H O'Connor 

Teaching Assistant

Mrs T Hipwell-Stafford

Teaching Assistant



Extended Provision

Mrs P BardenExtended Provision Leader
Mrs A BullenExtended Provision Leader

Premises Staff


 Mr A Silverwood


 Mrs S Jones


 Mrs L Fagge


 Ms W Chudasch


 Mrs L Ogden


  Mrs B Jackson Cleaner
  Mrs N Brown Cleaner

Kitchen Staff


Miss M Boyce

Catering Manager

Mrs P Barden

Kitchen Assistant

Mrs S Jones

Kitchen Assistant

Mrs N Walton

 Kitchen Assistant
ICT Support 
Mr D NobleICT Support