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Together We Can Achieve Anything

Home Learning Tasks

Activities for you to attempt during the temporary break in Seesaw access:


Rehearse some arithmetic skills, use a calendar to solve problems around time, research South America by identifying some countries and their geographical locations, complete some comprehension questions based around World War One and watch a video where Mrs. Blythe and Mr. Smith will teach you how to dance in a kitchen. Simply click on the activities below to select the task of your choice.

Don't forget that your access to IXL and Purple Mash is unaffected by this problem involving Seesaw.

Take care,

Mr. Smith cool

Learning Tasks for Thursday, April 2nd 2020:
No particular theme to this Crossword. See how many of the clues you can complete! I'll be impressed by any posts uploaded to Seesaw with more than two thirds answered correctly! It's a beast - but if you can face it, go for it! cool
Some useful arithmetic consolidation to keep your skills sharp ready for secondary school. I am receiving some very impressive scores at the moment so keep them coming! cool

In response to an exceptional piece of art I had posted onto Seesaw this week, explore the artwork of David Hockney by clicking on this link. Then I have set you a task!

Be the teacher by reading through this comprehension and editing for errors in the answers given.

Watch and enjoy:

In response to Michael Rosen's 'Chocolate Cake' either:

Write a poem about a favourite food, perform it, video it and upload it to Seesaw. Or:

Write a poem entitled 'Taste.' Or:

Write a clear set of instructions for a chocolate recipe of your choice. Or:

Write a review of Michael's performance poem. What did you like about it or what did you not enjoy about it and why?