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Together We Can Achieve Anything


Our Academy work closely with the Compass Be team to support children, young people, and families in our school. Compass Be provide free, confidential support, help and advice for pupils, students and schools for issues related to mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Compass Be MHST works directly across all Barnsley schools providing group and one to one support for young people.


We are currently working with Compass Be, on the whole school approach as well as providing bereavement counsellingparent support and support for children and young people to build healthy peer relationships.

How the service can help you.


We help you build your skills to cope with:


  • Low mood: sadness, low motivation
  • Mild to moderate anxiety: worries, irrational fears and concerns
  • Common challenging behaviours: angry outbursts, pushing boundaries, frustration and distress
  • Family and peer relationship difficulties
  • Difficulty adjusting to change and transition
  • Difficulty managing emotions

We provide low intensity one-to-one or group support (usually 6-8 sessions based on what you need) for children and young people aged 5-19 with mild-to-moderate emotional and mental health needs who attend one of our partner schools or who may be

  • A Young Carer
  • Educated At Home
  • Excluded from school or at risk of exclusion

The service is made up of Education Mental Health Practitioners and Supervising Practitioners, Trainees and Assistant Practitioners from a range of health and education backgrounds working alongside a specialist Family Practitioner and Bereavement Counsellor.

Parent/Carer Anxiety Awareness Workshop. 


Please join us on Wednesday 21st February 9-11am, Compass Be are coming into school to deliver a bespoke Anxiety awareness workshop. 


If you are unable to attend, please follow the link for the slides.


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