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Creative Writing Tasks

Julia Donaldson Social Distancing Writing Task

In order to encourage social distancing, Julia Donaldson was on BBC Breakfast to announce her new little couplets with our favourite characters! 


I'd like you to try and make your own couplet about a Julia Donaldson character or about yourself, this can be quite tricky so you need to spend a little time on this! It doesn't have to be related to social distancing, just a few sentences in the style of Julia Donaldson's writing!


Here's Mine:


Anning class work hard all day,

In the afternoon they like to go out and play!


EXTENSION: Can you draw a little sketch to go with your couplet?


I can't wait to see your writing! :)

Everyday Heroes

Following on from our Happy News writing task yesterday, I'd like you to have a think about someone who is an 'everyday hero'. Not someone with super strength or someone who can fly, but someone who makes yours or other peoples day a tiny bit happier!


I'd like you to write why your everyday hero is your hero, what they do to make you and other people around them happy. Could you give them a phone call to get their reaction to your work?


Once you have finished, you could submit your everyday hero to The Happy News Company here: for a chance for your everyday hero to be put in the Happy News Newspaper!


Don't forget to add a little doodle of them if you post this work to SeeSaw!


I can't wait to read about your everyday heroes :)

The Happy News!

This time spent at home is time spent with family, and there's lots of positive things happening around us all the time! I'd like you to have a think of something that's made you happy whilst being at home, and create a newspaper telling me all about your happy times that will stay with you forever!


We're looking for:


Capital letters.

Full stops.

Using 'and' to join two sentences.

Can you write a question correctly?