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Together We Can Achieve Anything

School Improvement at Carlton

Our DNA for Teaching Excellence at Carlton Primary Academy is transformational; it is something that sets an expectation of the highest standard; it draws on the expertise of all professionals and is always looking to improve; it encourages new pedagogical approaches but is not fleeting in its relevance; it challenges pupils to think, work hard and collaborate. It is the cornerstone of school improvement and it provides the bedrock for preparing children for life after Carlton Primary Academy. Put simply…’It’s the way we do things around here’.

Our DNA for Teaching Excellence

“The greatest impact on learning is the daily lived experiences of pupils in classrooms, and that is determined much more by how teachers teach than by what they teach.” Dylan William

Our 'Blueprint' is a common language in which our senior leaders, teachers, support staff and children are fluent in to develop pedagogical practice at Carlton Primary Academy. It is designed to:


  • Ensure a high, consistent standard across school
  • Take into account career stage including Early Years
  • Not be prescriptive in its application
  • Give a structure for giving feedback through coaching
  • Be used as a reflective journal tool
  • Inform bespoke and whole school CPD
  • Be the foundations of our Cyclical Benchmarking model which robustly monitors and evaluates provision in school


Within this framework of improving the provision within the classroom, there will be the 7 fundamental areas from our Blueprint explained and given more credence as to their position within the classroom, our professional development and the standards which we expect our children and each other to uphold.

Our Blueprint for Classroom Culture

Cyclical Benchmarking

This is the process in which we monitor and evaluate provision in school. It has the mechanisms to look at how well the Blueprint is being implemented across the school, in all phases, in different subjects, in all classrooms. It is the fly on the wall immersion into provision within school. It is done with, not to staff and is regular, again utilising the marginal gains theory. All along the way there is ‘feedback’. It is given with respect and received with an understanding that it is developmental not judgemental.

Instructional Coaching Model


In conjunction with our Blueprint, we will then use our 6 step model for instructional coaching to give ‘bite size’ high leverage, low risk development points to have quick improvements. These cumulative ‘bite size’ development points are based on the theory of the aggregation of marginal gains. With our pedagogy and practice, improving small aspects regularly will cumulate to rapid, improved practice over time.