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Question writing

Question Writing

Watch this BBC Bitesize video for a recap of question writing:


A question is a type of sentence that we ask or write to gain further information from a person or people responding.

Written questions are punctuated with a question mark to show that the sentence has been completed.

Often, but not always, question sentences begin with one of the following words:

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Why
  • How

For example:
How are you?

Who is that?

What is happening?

How can I reinforce question writing at home?


The easiest way to reinforce question writing is firstly through a verbal conversation. Encourage your child to ask you a question, or you could speak a sentence then ask your child whether that was a question or a statement. Then ask them how do they know? Did they pick up on the change in your voice, or did they recognise one of the question words at the start of your question?


An easy activity is to write a sentence onto a piece of paper and ask your child to punctuate it. For example, you could write 'today I walked the dog' and 'what do you want to do today', then ask your child whether each sentence needs a full stop or a question mark at the end.


An activity that the children liked in class was writing part of a sentence, then encouraging them to think of all the question words they could use to start the question. For example,
'          did you do that?' This sentence could either start with the question words 'why', 'when' and 'how', which would all make sense. Can your child find all the question words for the sentences below?


            we go to the park? (shall, can)

            will we go? (where, when, how)

            is that? (who, where, how, which)

Question prompts

Pictures are a great way to spark a childs imagination, can your child ask questions about the image/setting in these pictures?