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Zoo Lab


Children enjoyed an exciting afternoon when Zoo Lab visited. Children met an African snail, a tree frog, a python, a tarantula, a cockroach and a hedgehog. This experience was fun and hands on and children really enjoyed being able to touch and hold the different animals. Children learnt about the country they come from, their habitats and what they like to eat.

Snow day activities

Welcome back to Spring term. Our topic this half term is 'Pirates.' Yaaaaaaarrrr!


Children were introduced to this topic on the first Monday back when an intrusion of Year 6 Pirates came rushing into our class looking to steal treasure! Children were left in awe as to why such a thing had just happened! Children made mind maps of what they already know about pirates. Take a look below.


Our learning is centred on the story ‘The Pirates next door’, written by Jonny Duddle. Take a look at this link to the audio book on You Tube,


Our genre in Literacy is narrative writing. Children have created story maps to help us learn the story which you can see below.


We have added actions in the style of Pie Corbett to help us learn the main events of the story. Watch the video below to listen to the story!


In Art, children are looking at the work of Hokusai, an influential Japanese artist whose paintings were inspired by landscapes, mainly water and mountains. Children have been discussing the patterns and texture of his work. We are linking Literacy and Art together by creating collages using torn up newspapers and magazines to create scenes from the story ‘The Pirates next door.’


In Science, children are learning about the human body. We have discussed the 5 senses and used these to consider what we would see, smell, hear, taste and feel if we were a character in the setting of our story, ‘Dull-on-Sea.’ Children are going to learn the importance of exercise and hygiene and the basic needs of humans (and pirates!)


In Geography children are learning to use simple compass directions (North, East, South, West) and locational and directional language (for example, near and far, left and right.) Children will be creating a treasure map and writing directions of how to find the location of their treasure.

Mind maps about Pirates

The Pirates Next Door - Re-told by Maple class

Still image for this video
Children listened to the story 'The Pirates next door' written by Jonny Duddle. We created a story map using pictures to help us remember the beginning, middle and end. We then added actions to re-tell our version of the story.

Welcome back and welcome to Maple's class page! I hope you all had a great Summer break and are looking forward to the exciting year ahead in Year 1!


This half term our topic is 'Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore.' Both of these people are famous sculptors local to our area. This learning will take place in History and Art lessons. In art children will be designing, making and evaluating their own sculptures inspired by the work of Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore. In History children will be researching some facts about both sculptors and creating a timeline of their work. To support and enhance your child's learning why not visit Yorkshire Sculpture Park or The Hepworth Wakefield to view the different sculptures on show!


Just a reminder to ensure your child's PE kit is brought to school on a Monday and is kept in school all week. Your child will do PE twice a week. Please can I ask you clearly label each item of clothing to prevent children loosing items of clothing.