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Easter Project

Minibeast Hotels!

Here's an experiment that we would have done in school, but now you can make them at home as our Easter project! Mini beast hotels are easy and fun to make and monitor!

I've created a step by step guide below on how to make an easy mini beast hotel but there's some more complex ones if you have the resources, the links are at the end of my instructions :)


Once you have made them, I'd like you to fill out the table with your observations over the two week holidays. Have any bugs moved in? Which bug do you notice? Are they living there, or just visiting?


Anything you make, please post on SeeSaw, I'd love to see your Easter projects :)

1) First you'll need to gather your materials. You'll need:


A medium/large bottle


Cardboard (tubes are great!)

Spare paper

Some sticks/grass

2) Cut the top and bottom off your bottle (some guides only recommend cutting one end off).
3) Place your bigger pieces of cardboard into your hollow bottle. Make sure there are gaps for your smaller pieces! 
4) Roll your paper into smaller tubes. Make sure you cut them to the length of your bottle. Place the rolls of paper into the gaps between your larger pieces of cardboard.
5) Almost finished! Put your sticks/grass in the remaining gaps in your hotel.
6) Place your mini-beast hotel in your garden or along a path that you walk regularly. The RSPCA recommend that you place your hotel no more than 1 meter off the ground in a tree/bush or at its base. Make sure your hotel is in a sheltered place and most importantly is quiet! You don't want your residents to complain about a bad sleep!