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Wow! Summer 1 already? This year is flying, and our Einsteins are soaring.

We are so excited to keep you up-to-date with everything that's going on in our current enquiry: How are our bodies designed to survive? In order to answer this to our fullest potential, we have various sub-questions to answer first:


1. How are our bodies designed to survive?

We have been exploring the 6 stages of development: foetus, infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age. 

Additionally, our wonderful pupils have written blogs to support children/adolescents, who are experiencing puberty and may not understand why, so check out our sub-page below to see some amazing examples.

2. What systems help to keep the human body alive?

3. How do animal and human body systems support each other?

4. How does human lifestyle impact length of survival?


We have lots of exciting lessons planned for Spring 1, and we cannot wait to see you continue to thrive this year, whether you are remote learning or in school.


In maths, Year 6 are focussing on fractions whilst Year 5 move on to multiplication and division.


In writing, each week, we will be doing a punctuation and grammar lesson Monday-Thursday, then applying everything we've learnt into a piece of writing on Friday.


In reading, we will be investigating a range of texts using our comprehension skills in order to gain a deeper and wider range of knowledge to support our Enquiry. 


Our new, geography-based Enquiry begins on Monday 11th January, and will last for 8 weeks. Our children will answer a series of spaced questions, which build up to answering our overarching question: Why are our communities significant?

             1. What are the features of a community?

             2. How do communities around the world compare?

             3. How are different communities identifiable/represented?

             4. How can people influence their communities?







Autumn 2 has been lots of fun and extremely eye-opening for our Einsteins.



In English, we have been reading a letter to Rosa Parks.
We are working on writing an explanation text, so we will be writing a letter to someone who has made a difference in our world.



Previously, we have written a diary entry to inform and a narrative to entertain.



In Maths, year 5 are working on multiplication and division. Year 6 are working on fractions.



Enquiry is focused on answering our Guiding Question: Can one person make a big difference?


'Can one person make a big difference?'

In our Autumn 2 enquiry, we have been looking into the idea of how one person can make a big difference. How has the person impacted the world we live in? What did that person to do create change? Why and what was the person fighting against? 


The two people we have been studying so far, are two of the most influential, historic figures to have ever graced the earth - Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. So far this half term, we have been looking into their childhood, what they were responsible for and what were some of the obstacles that they had to overcome in their attempts to achieve equality. (We have also started to look into others who fought for peace and equality, such as Rosa Parks and John Lennon).


Along the way, we will focus on answering Spaced Questions to support our learning journey:


1. Who were Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela?

2. What were the key events in Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela's fights for equality?

3. How were Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela the same?

4. How did Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela make a difference?




Upcoming dates for your diary:

4th March - World Book Day

19th March - Red Nose Day