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Carlton Primary Academy

Together We Can Do Anything

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Carlton Primary Academy

Together We Can Do Anything

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Mrs Jayne Everett - Executive Principal


Ms Rachel Ward - Acting Headteacher 

Picture 1 Mr Haywood - Assistant Head
Picture 2 Mrs Wakefield - Temporarily at Summerfields
Picture 3 Mrs Blythe - KS2 Leader and Class Teacher
Picture 4 Mrs Warren - EYFS Leader and Class Teacher
Picture 5 Miss Hopkinson - KS1 Leader and Teacher
Picture 6 Miss Spree - Foundation Teacher
Picture 7 Miss Grainger - KS1 Teacher
Picture 8 Miss Holding - KS1 Teacher
Picture 9 Miss Webster - KS2 Teacher
Picture 10 Mr Jewitt - KS2 Teacher
Picture 11 Mr Smith - KS2 Teacher
Picture 12 Mrs Horsley - KS2 Teacher
Picture 13 Miss Medley - KS2 Teacher
Picture 14 Miss Baxter - SENCO
Picture 15 Mr Walters - HLTA (PE Specialist)
Picture 16 Mrs Harrison - HLTA
Picture 17 Mrs Greatorex - HLTA
Picture 18 Mrs Liptrot - Parent Support Advisor

Support Staff

Support Staff 1 Mrs Arnold
Support Staff 2 Miss Sharland
Support Staff 3 Mrs Stroyan
Support Staff 4 Mrs Murray
Support Staff 5 Mrs Cook
Support Staff 6 Mrs Makinson
Support Staff 7 Mrs Harwood
Support Staff 8 Mrs Cottrell
Support Staff 9 Mrs Green
Support Staff 10 Mrs Cox
Support Staff 11 Miss Longden
Support Staff 12 Mrs Hipwell-Stafford

The School Office Team

The School Office Team  1 Mrs Nurcombe
The School Office Team  2 Mrs Thomas
The School Office Team  3 Mrs Briscoe

School Caretaker

School Caretaker 1 Mr Silverwood

Kitchen Staff

Kitchen Staff  1 Mrs Duff