Welcome to Carlton

Welcome to Carlton Primary Academy

Our Vision:

We are a happy, caring community, where together we can do anything.
We have an inspiring and motivating learning environment, where everyone achieves success.
As a member of the Schools Co-operative Society, we are part of a group of schools which uphold the cooperative values and ethos of:

Self-help- helping each other and working together
Self-responsibility- taking responsibility for our own actions
Democracy-giving all stakeholders a say in how the school is run
Equality- giving equal rights and benefits for all
Equity- being fair and unbiased
Solidarity- supporting each other and those in other cooperatives

Our talented team of staff are constantly striving to deliver the very best of opportunities for our children. Our distinctive ethos of care and respect promotes high standards of behaviour and attainment. We provide a rich and vibrant curriculum which stimulates children’s interests and, through our own Forest school programme, our children enjoy learning within our outdoor environment.
We value the partnership between parents, pupils and staff and welcome parents into our school at the start of each day.
I hope you enjoy exploring our website to find out even more about our academy.

Claire Minett
Head of Academy

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Under Construction

cropped-carlton_logo.pngWe are currently updating our website. 

You may have noticed some changes to our website already, these will continue over the few weeks. We’re in the process of updating our website to bring you more photos and information about our Academy. Each class now has their own page – so come back regularly to find out whats been happening in your child’s class.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and shall be back up and running normally soon.

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Young Parents Group

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The Juniper Fortnightly ~ Post Four (October 13th – October 24th 2014)

The Juniper Fortnightly ~ Post Four (October 13th – October 24th 2014)

Important dates and events:

Halloween Disco – Thursday, October 23rd 2014 (1:00 – 3:05 p.m.)

Best Table Winners…

Week ending October 10th 2014 – Jordan, Jasmine, Hannah, Louis, Lewis and Cadey.









Week ending October 17th 2014 – Rachel, Fallon-Sonnie, Morgan, Callum, Louis and Sam.








Learning in the Juniper Class:

We have been taking part in a number of Maths, English and DT activities linked to Halloween. We learnt about the origins of Halloween first celebrated 2000 years ago by the Celts – a festival called Samhain. We learnt how the festival has changed over the years from a celebration of old and new life to the fun, trick or treating and ghosts and ghouls of the present day.

We imagined we were planning the Halloween disco and budgeted for food in maths. We developed our measuring skills by measuring the dimensions of the hall, calculating perimeter and planning where things could be located, drawing a clear map to scale. We also created Halloween party games, symmetrical bunting and wrote invitations as well as envelopes to contain them. This TASC approach helps the children to be in control of their own learning and present their knowledge as they wish.

Swimming Success

A number of children are achieving dolphin badges in their swimming. Please bring your certificates to school so that achievements can be shared with the class.


In maths we have been learning to calculate area and perimeter. Some children also learnt how to calculate the area of an “L” shaped room. Quite a task!


In English, we have been learning how to write persuasively. The children had fun designing their own houses. They then became estate agents and tried to persuade others to buy their properties using techniques such as rhetorical question and opinion hidden as fact.

Y4 Guitars

Well done to the Y4 Juniper children for your effort and progress through the first term of your guitar tuition with Mr. Fuller. Learning an instrument from scratch is not easy! A number of children can now play the riff to Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger”.


We hope you all enjoyed our performance of “Fair Rude Trade” at the recent harvest festival. The Junipers sang brilliantly and conquered their nerves fantastically. Singing in public is fun but also takes a lot of nerve. Well done everyone!

Sketch Nation

In ICT, we have used the Sketch Nation app to create our own computer games. We became rather addicted to it and created some amazing games. The use of IPads is now an integral part of our curriculum and our children are encouraged to develop their programing skills through the use of a variety of apps using this technology.

Our upcoming theme

After the half term holiday, our new theme will be a geography based scheme of work called “Do you come from around here?” We will be studying our locality as well as studying a variety of European countries, comparing and contrasting both in turn. We look forward to sharing our learning with you on our webpage.

A note for Parents… New for Autumn term (ii) ~ “Secret Blooms”

Our children are encouraged to use a variety of questions to probe further learning and go deeper with their creativity and understanding of concepts taught. Blooms Taxonomy divides questions into six clear categories: Knowledge questions, comprehension questions, application questions, analysis questions, synthesis questions and evaluation questions. In future Juniper Fortnightly posts, a blooms question will be included as a “bonus” home learning task and each category of Blooms Taxonomy question will be in turn explained to you. If your child completes the secret Blooms question and returns their work to the academy with their weekly home learning (maths and English), your child will receive a bonus reward point for their stamp card or two table points (whichever they choose). Look out for the first “Secret Blooms” task in our fifth posting after the holidays.

From our gallery…

Post Four ends with a look back over our first half term together in photographs. Thank you for working so hard everybody and have a fun, relaxing and eventful half term holiday. We look forward to seeing you for our Christmas term. It’s going to be another busy one!

High fives from Mr. Smith and Miss. Speed

Louis and Jacob working on Sketch Nation











Addison and Cadey using the Sketch Nation app to computer program.











Ben treats the class to a Stone Henge cake!











Kyan, Charlie & Jordan working on a stone age PowerPoint presentation.









Golf lessons during PE.









Rachel and Olivia creating sundials in Woodland.









Roald Dahl Day – September 2014


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Have you seen the Gruffalo?

This week children received the Woodland Daily news to say there was a hungry Gruffalo on the run. He was last spotted in the Carlton area by Mr Owl, Mr Fox and Mr Snake. We met Flora the Explorer, a reporter from The Woodland Daily News, who was on the hunt for The Gruffalo. She asked children for their help in finding The Gruffalo. Flora re-told the story written by Julia Donaldson with the help of the children. This was told with the use of costumes, items to feel and instruments. A Gruffalo hunt was arranged to find clues that the Gruffalo was close by. Children found purple prickles, a green poisonous wart, terrible claws, terrible tusks, orange eyes and a black tongue outside. Shortly after finding these clues children found The Gruffalo hiding outside!The children all got to meet him to say hello and had the chance to have their photograph with him.


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The Juniper Fortnightly ~ Post Three (September 29th – October 10th 2014)

The Juniper Fortnightly ~ Post Three (September 29th – October 10th 2014)

Important dates and events:

Harvest Festival ~ Thursday, October 23rd 2014 @ 9:30 a.m.

Have you been learning our class song? J

At this year’s festival taking place in KS1 hall, we will be performing our song “Fair Rude Trade”. The song tells the story of fair trade and how some farmers in under developed countries struggle to make a living. The song is sung to the tune of Magic’s “Rude” which is currently in the charts. Hopefully your child has shared their copy of the lyrics with you and has been serenading you since Monday! We are having daily rehearsals in the Juniper class to get the performance right and are trying some experiments with choruses and vocal loops, some of which may or may not make the performance on the 23rd. Singing together is great fun and a good way to boost confidence. We look forward to sharing it with you. In the meantime, here are the lyrics for you to join in…


“Fair Rude Trade” performed by the Junipers


(Verse 1): Working twelve hours

Every day

Making a living

Growing bananas

Cocoa, Sultanas

The work’s unforgiving.

The chemicals used to

make them all grow

Is making me ill so ill.

Terrible blisters

All on my fingers

Feel like I’ve had my fill


(Bridge): Will you pay me fairly for the crops that I grow?

Say “yes”, say “yes” ‘cause I need to know

For I have to feed my children on the seeds that I sow

“Tough luck my friend, but the answer is “No””


(Chorus): Why’d you have to be so rude?

Don’t you know we’re human too?

That’s why you’ve got to buy Fair Trade

So the farmers are well paid

(Buy Fair Trade) For a fairer society

(Buy Fair Trade) For you and your family

(Buy Fair Trade) Put an end to child slavery

That’s why you’ve got to buy fair trade!


(Verse 2): For every banana

Sold thirty pence

The worker gets 2p.

The big supermarket

Takes 15 pence

Doesn’t seem fair to me!

The plantation owner

Gets 8 pence less

And the shipper gets 6p

Where is the fairness?

Whilst we all labour

And stay in this poverty

(Repeat Bridge):

(Repeat Chorus):

(Coda): That’s why you’ve got to buy Fair Trade!



Our learning…

So, we have been learning all about Fair Trade products and how the project helps farmers in some of the ways detailed in the above song. We have learnt some amazing facts about the lifestyles of people from other countries, some of which are particularly sad, especially the children who have to work from a very young age on some banana plantations and the length of the hours worked which can be in excess of fourteen hours per day for some adults! We concluded that we are quite lucky in comparison. We learnt how to identify Fair Trade products in shops by looking for the above label (which Jay noticed looked like a man waving with his right arm!).

Our achievements…

You may have been aware of the Pen Licence initiative at the academy. When children consistently produce a neat, joined and cursive script in their exercise books, they are invited by their respective class teachers to take a sample of their books to Mrs. Minett for the reward of a license. These children have proven that they appreciate the importance of outstanding work presentation and taking pride in their written work. Mr. Smith is pleased to announce that we have our first three Juniper children now who have the privilege of using writing pens in class and our superb Juniper handwriting pupils are Evie, Morgan and Lucas. Mrs. Minett agreed that their handwriting is of such a quality that the merit of pen licence is deserved. Well done to the three of you. I am sure that other writers will be following suit soon!


Assessments in the key subject areas of Reading, Writing and Mathematics have been taking place this week. These assessments are essential in measuring and monitoring the progress of the children and will inform ability groups with immediate effect. If you have any concerns about your child’s progress, please feel free to contact Mr. Smith at the academy. Alternatively, you will be receiving news soon regarding parent consultation meetings scheduled for November. Please look at our webpage for further details.

Best Table Winners…

Congratulations to the children below who have won the Best Table award over the past fortnight. They worked as a team to organise their learning, absorb themselves in the tasks and contribute to class discussions. Well done to you all!


Best Table winners (Week 04): Callum, Kienan, Evie, Thomas, Chloe & Charlie


Best Table Winners (Week 05): Morgan, Evie, Sam, Fallon-Sonnie, Cadey & Hannah

Roald Dahl Day

Thank you to everyone who helped support our Roald Dahl Day. We had a superb time and enjoyed dressing up as our favourite characters!




Upcoming dates for your diaries…

Thursday, October 16th @ 9:30 a.m. – KS2 Harvest Festival

Thursday, October 23rd 2014 – 2:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. Halloween Disco.

Friday, October 24th – Sunday, November 2nd 2014 – Half Term Holiday.

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Y6 Time Travel

042(1)034  As part of our IPC work we have been travelling back in time. We created time travel hats that took us to different time periods.

We have visited Ancient Eypgt, the dinosaurs, and the Vikings. We have also looked at art work from the different periods to see what they can tell us about the past. We have also created our own time lines and chosen an event from our lives to create a piece of art work. 028

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Maple Learning Journey

The Maples have been looking at stories set in familiar settings. We have read the story ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’ by Judith Kerr. We sent our own invitations to a dinosaur, who actually came into our classroom to visit. The trouble was that Miss Tyers left in the classroom all by himself at playtime and he disappeared! George the dinosaur was later spotted at a school in Rotherham.

The Maples have also been looking at number bonds in our maths lessons. They have made their own number bond bracelets from strawberry laces and cheerio’s. The children then used them to work out all the different number bonds to 10.

The Maple class became detectives last week, investigating who had taken the poor guinea pigs house from their cage. There were various suspects, but after a lot of discussion, questioning and searching for clues the Maples were able to work out that Mrs Makinson was the culprit! She had wanted a bird house for the woodland but could not afford to buy a new one. The Maples but their new understanding of money to the test to work out how much to give her to pay the ransom!

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Y6 Celebrate Roald Dahl Day

We all really enjoyed our Roald Dahl day. Making sweets, creating puppets, sculpting scenes with clay, becoming Quentin Blake and making dream catchers and star gazes in the woodland! We have also used Roald Dahl books to help us with our literacy and numeracy work.

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Y6 Science Adventure

In September we really enjoyed our science adventure at Carlton Community College. We learnt lots of new things and had the opportunity to look around the school and decide if it was the high school for us.


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Holly class learning journey so far…

Welcome to the Holly class page we are a mixed year one and two class taught by Miss Penistone and supported by Mrs Cook. If you have any problems, concerns, worries or comments please do not hesitate to come and speak to one of us.

Please keep checking our class page to find out about our learning.

In year 1 and 2 our topic is currently The Thing People Do and he have been looking at the different jobs people do. We have been learning about the job of an artist and observing the work of a famous artist called Andy Goldsworthy. We took our learning outside and used natural material found in the woodland to create our own pictures in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.


sp1 sp2

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Can you make a clay pot?

In woodland learning the Willow and Hazel children were challenged to create piece of pottery to eat or drink out out using clay. The children had to think about the shape their pot should be, how to add handles and what tools could be used to add pattern and texture. Look at how we got on:


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