Welcome to Carlton

Welcome to Carlton Primary Academy

Our Vision:

We are a happy, caring community, where together we can do anything.
We have an inspiring and motivating learning environment, where everyone achieves success.
As a member of the Schools Co-operative Society, we are part of a group of schools which uphold the cooperative values and ethos of:

Self-help- helping each other and working together
Self-responsibility- taking responsibility for our own actions
Democracy-giving all stakeholders a say in how the school is run
Equality- giving equal rights and benefits for all
Equity- being fair and unbiased
Solidarity- supporting each other and those in other cooperatives

Our talented team of staff are constantly striving to deliver the very best of opportunities for our children. Our distinctive ethos of care and respect promotes high standards of behaviour and attainment. We provide a rich and vibrant curriculum which stimulates children’s interests and, through our own Forest school programme, our children enjoy learning within our outdoor environment.
We value the partnership between parents, pupils and staff and welcome parents into our school at the start of each day.
I hope you enjoy exploring our website to find out even more about our academy.

Claire Minett
Head of Academy

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Under Construction

cropped-carlton_logo.pngWe are currently updating our website. 

You may have noticed some changes to our website already, these will continue over the few weeks. We’re in the process of updating our website to bring you more photos and information about our Academy. Each class now has their own page – so come back regularly to find out whats been happening in your child’s class.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and shall be back up and running normally soon.

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The Juniper Fortnightly ~ Post Seven (December 1st – December 12th 2014)



Enterprise is an initiative at Carlton Primary Academy. Some of our children will grow up to establish their own businesses; the Enterprise initiative teaches them about loans, profits, debt and how to build a successful business through the identification of a target market, a successful product for the market and promotion of the product.

We have recently gone into business with Mrs. Horsley’s class. The children will be manufacturing and selling “Magical Reindeer Food” in the academy during the final week of the autumn term. First of all, the children had to sell the idea to our banker, Mrs. Minett, and persuade her to part with a start-up loan of £10 to purchase materials and resources to make the product. The children also wrote persuasive letters to her utilising the skills taught in English, and they additionally produced marketing posters and business cards. A group of Mrs. Horsley’s children then presented the idea to Mrs. Minett and she agreed to give us the start-up loan so we are in business!

Look out for marketing posters and information about the product in the next few days. We are going to be busy taking orders and selling our excellent product up until Christmas. You know your Christmas will not be Christmas without Magical Reindeer Food don’t you? Surely you need this product to bring magic and sparkle to your family Christmas? The reindeer will love it and it will attract them to your door as they fly across Barnsley on Christmas Eve! Buy our Magical Reindeer Food; it will put you in the Christmas mood!

Wakefield Theatre Royal Pantomime Trip

On Tuesday, we visited the theatre to see a Christmas pantomime, “Beauty and the Beast”. We enjoyed ourselves immensely. We also managed to get considerably wet as, unbeknown to us, on the twelfth day of Christmas, their true loves gave to them “twelve super-soaker water pistols!” Both Mr. Smith and Miss. Speed also found themselves as part of the ongoing narrative. Our children’s behaviour was impeccable and it was a pleasure to take them on the trip.


In maths, we have been finding fractions of simple and complex whole numbers. We have been improving our written division skills too. A special congratulations goes out to Rachel who has reached “Silk” certification in our weekly times table quizzes. Rachel can recall all x facts up to 12×12 and multiply two digit numbers ending in zero mentally. No small achievement! Well done mathematician!

In English, we have written persuasively. In art we have created landscape pictures of various locations around our home town. The children used paint and pastel to create their work and there are some beautiful pieces of work which will be displayed on the next available display board.

Best Table Winners

Week beginning Nov 24th ~ Jay, Callum, Hannah, Callum, Evie and (not pictured) Cameron

Week beginning Dec 1st ~ Sam, Jacob, Kai, Morgan, Rachel and Fallon Sonnie

PE for the remainder of Autumn Term

Our football coaching has sadly come to an end now. Thank you to Gary for his excellent training sessions. Future PE lessons are likely to be indoors as the weather turns colder so please ensure your child has an appropriate indoor PE kit for Wednesdays. Swimming for y4 Junipers will commence once more on Friday, January 16th 2015.

KS2 Performance of “Aladdin”

A reminder to all parents and carers; on Monday, December 15th 2014, there will be two performances of “Aladdin”. Our matinee performance will take place at 1:30 p.m. and our evening performance will follow at 6 p.m.

Blooms Taxonomy Focus Three ~ Application

Application questions encourage pupils to apply or transfer learning to their own life or to a context different than one in which it was learned.
Key Words: Apply, Compare, Contrast, Demonstrate, Examine, Relate, Solve & Use
Examples of questions:

  • “What would result if…?”
  • “What facts would you select to show…?”
  • “What approach would you use to…?”
  • “How would you use…?”

Optional Bonus Home Learning Project

Examine the contents of one of the food cupboards in your house with an adult. How many of the products contain, partly or wholly, ingredients from countries outside of Britain? Where does the food in your cupboard come from?

Completed home learning, presented in a method chosen by your child and returned to the academy, will earn your child two personal reward stamps towards their next award badge.

A Walk Around Carlton Village

We recently explored our village on foot. We looked at physical and human geography around Carlton and used our noticing learning muscles to take a closer look at the world around us. The afternoon walk was so popular, the children said that they would like to go on another walk sometime soon.

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Oak Update

On the 19th of November we went to Rotherham to Crucial Crew. We learnt about lots of different ways to keep us safe.

We learnt: some first aid, how to stay safe on the internet at the Cyber Café, what to do if there was a fire in our house during the night, we played parts in the courtroom and also how to keep ourselves safe on road.


Vikings at Carlton!!

Last Friday (28th November) two Vikings came to visit us and tell us all about their life. We had great fun looking at all the artefacts and trying to guess what jobs they were from. We also got chance to look at the different clothes they wore. We went on a Viking raid too – we had to go into battle, so we were shown how to use a sword, axe and of course the most important, our shields! In the afternoon, we listened to stories of the Viking Gods.

DSCF1033 011 022 043 079 085 086 102

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The Juniper Fortnightly ~ Post Six (November 17th 2014 – November 28th 2014)


Pupil Targets

This week, Mr. Smith and Miss. Speed set the Junipers a challenge – using words or pictures, they had to create a memory card to commit to memory their writing and mathematics targets. The children used a variety of cartoons, words and simple pictures to represent their targets and were then challenged to recall them without the help of their memory card to an adult. Many children are now able to recall their targets clearly and promptly. More importantly, the children are responding to their targets regularly in their daily school work. Please ask your child what their writing targets and mathematics targets are at home and challenge them to explain what they mean. Feel free also to work on the targets at home with your child through their home learning activities and any additional projects you would like to set them (for example, see this edition’s Blooms Taxonomy challenge later in the post).

Woodland Learning

We are braving the wetter, windier and cooler weather in the woodland and exploring habitats. The children have used the woodland to write persuasively, trying to encourage others to visit the woodland and explore its charms. We also used the woodland to create rotation and translation pictures in mathematics using dead woodland litter. Half way through our session, the sun came out and a large quantity of leaves suddenly began to fall from the trees. We set ourselves the challenge of trying to catch as many of the falling leaves as possible.

Gary, our football coach

We are really enjoying our football training from our very own football association coach, Gary. Each Wednesday, Gary teaches football skills to the children and builds teamwork through a variety of passing, catching, chasing and ball kicking games. The children’s confidences are growing and motivation is really high. As the weather is turning wintery, please ensure your child has a warm outdoor PE kit for Wednesdays up until early December.

Anti Bullying Week

Bullying takes many forms and in the twenty first century; cyber bullying for example is now a new threat in our society. Anti Bullying Week is a national initiative which aims to bring awareness of the problem of bullying to a higher threshold and teach children ways to cope with, report and eradicate this terrible problem. We dedicated our lessons on Thursday to discussing, sharing ideas and communicating our understanding of bullying and how to stop it. The children wrote persuasively, encouraging victims to report bullying. They used their knowledge of three dimensional shapes to create paperweights with anti-bullying poems, messages and instructions on the faces and created information posters using ICT. We also took time to celebrate our friendships and created some superb pieces of art work using our own and a special friend’s handprints.

Purple Award Badges

Congratulations to the following Juniper children who have now accumulated enough reward points for the award of purple badge. The winners were celebrated in Thursday’s golden awards assembly. Thank you for working so hard since September and keep it up! There will be many more to follow!

Winners… Cameron Davidson, Hannah Crossley, Charlie Atkinson, Evie Edwards, Chloe Elliott, Rachel Waterworth, Morgan Popplestone and Jordan Bannister

Map Addicts

In our IPC theme “Do you live around here?”, we have been exploring where we live. We have studied maps of Yorkshire and learnt that it comprises of four ceremonial counties including North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, the East Riding of Yorkshire and South Yorkshire. We have studied towns and cities in Yorkshire as well as its rivers, mountain ranges and national parks, and located Barnsley on a variety of maps. We have learnt that certain maps serve different purposes and developed our atlas skills accordingly. It is important that children understand their place in our ever changing world and many of them were keen to explore Yorkshire even further!

Best Table Winners

Congratulations to the children below who continue to show their readiness to learn, try their best, respond to adults and manage their learning through being independent

DSCF0377 DSCF0378

Winners of Week 10 ~ Kai, Kienan, Kyan, Evie, Rachel and Jasmine

Winners of Week 11 ~ Jay, Cameron, Evie, Cadey, Sam and (not pictured) Kai

Blooms Taxonomy 2 ~ Comprehension

During the previous post, we explored Knowledge questions. This post, we will explore comprehension questions. Your child may answer these questions and return them to the academy where they will be rewarded with bonus points towards their badges in school.

Optional Homework Task: Design a poster for Carlton Primary Academy, persuading children from other local primary schools to come here to learn. Remember to include persuasive features including rhetorical questions, opinions disguised as facts and emotive language.

When you have designed your poster, answer these questions about your poster either at the bottom of your work or on the reverse.

  1. Explain why a rhetorical question is important in persuasive writing.
  2. Give an example of an effective persuasive device in your completed poster.
  3. State who your poster would be of interest to and why.
  4. Summarise, in a slogan of no more than eight words, why Carlton Primary Academy is the place to learn!

Note to parents/carers

Blooms Taxonomy comprehension questions assess the ability to grasp the meaning of material presented to the children. Translating material from one form to another (words to numbers), interpreting material (explaining or summarizing), estimating future trends (predicting consequences or effects) are all features of this type of questioning. Comprehension questions go one step beyond the simple remembering of material. Try asking your child a comprehension question the next time you read with them. Some useful question verbs for formulating questions to ask your child are as follows…

Explain, predict, interpret, infer, summarize, convert, translate, give example, account for, and paraphrase.

Remember to check Post Seven in the next fortnight to learn of important upcoming Christmas events. Where did all the time go..?





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Welcome to the Ash class

Welcome to the Ash class page. We are taught by Mr Child and supported by Mrs Murray. Please do not hesitate to come and speak to one of us if you have any problems, concerns, worries or comments.

Our PE days are Tuesday and Thursday.

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Poppy Day

As a testament to Remembrance Day, Carlton Primary Academy have recreated the poppy field surrounding the tower of London (Carlton’s very own sea of red). Both year 5 and 6 sculptured poppies from a single length of wire and decorated them with red and green cellophane. It was a difficult task but with perseverance and hard work every student completed their own poppy.

We placed them in front of school on Tuesday the 11th, taking time to contemplate the past and the people who sacrificed there own life to save ours.

You can see the poppies as you walk up the drive, glistening in the sun.


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The Juniper Fortnightly ~ Post Five (November 3rd – November 14th 2014)

The Juniper Fortnightly Post Five – November 3rd – November 14th 2014

Poetry in Class RS

We have been exploring poetry over the last two weeks and using poetic devices such as simile, metaphor, personification and alliteration to write kennings, haikus and tankas.

Our class poem inspired by the remembrance poppy is below:

The Poppy

Red is one brave man’s blood.

If the poppies could speak, they would say “Be careful out there!”

The poppy is like a boy crying for his dad.

The poppy is a wounded soldier.

The poppy fields are a blood pond.

It is a pretty perfect poppy.

Written by the Junipers.

There are a number of new displays in the academy showcasing some of the gorgeous work that has been undertaken this week by the Junipers. Please come and have a look. We have a firework poetry display, a poppy display and an autumn walk display where we explored the academy environment one sunny November morning and explored personification. We decided that Carlton church was peeping over the trees hiding from somebody and the jungle gym was an array of various sea monsters. Writing poetry is an excellent mode of self-expression and helps to develop children’s narrative work also.

Parent Consultation Meetings

Thank you to everyone who booked an appointment this week. Attendance was exceptionally high and I hope you found the meetings useful and informative.

Mathematics and Science

In maths, we have been calculating areas and perimeters. We have also been studying negative numbers and using them in the context of temperature. We have revised metric conversions and have investigated statements such as “Do children with larger head circumferences have longer legs?” This half term, we are looking at life cycles and food chains.

From the gallery…

The Juniper children placing their poppies as part of the whole academy display along the entrance drive.

1 2 3 4





Football Coaching

We are currently enjoying football coaching sessions provided by our FA Coach, Gary. These sessions take place every Wednesday 1:00-2:00. We really enjoyed our first session. Mr. Smith is hoping to understand the offside rule by the end of the training!


Best Table Winners

Our children are continuing to work exceptionally hard and for the first time in week nine, we have had a joint winning table! Tables are now given a target of twenty points to achieve by the end of each week and members of successful tables will receive a full reward point for their personal reward cards.

Winners of Week eight – Jacob, Hannah, Louis, Evie, Lucas and (not pictured) Thomas A.


Joint winners of Week Nine – Hannah, Evie, Keegan, Kyan, Lewis & Jordan


Sam, Paige, Olivia, Callum, Fallon-Sonnie & Morgan.


From the gallery…


We had lots of fun during our Halloween disco. Thank you to everyone who joined in the fun and came to the academy dressed in some really scary costumes!

9 10

Blooms Questions

Each issue, there will be an example of Blooms taxonomy questions for you to explore with your child. This is an optional bonus homework which your child can complete and hand in to school for an extra reward point.

This week we are looking at “Knowledge” questions.

Knowledge questions are the recall and retrieval of facts and ideas.

Look at our class poem and answer these questions.

  1. Find a simile in the class poem “The Poppy”.
  2. What poetic device has been used in the final line of the poem.
  3. How many syllables are there in the third line of the poem?
  4. Find an adjective used to describe the soldier.
  5. What adjective would you add to the title of the poem if you were asked?
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Visit to Santa – Kingfishers

On Wednesday 3rd December all Foundation Stage children have the opportunity of going on Kirklees Light Railway to visit Santa. The children will be leaving school promptly at 10.00am and we will be back in school at approximately 2.45pm. Please collect your child from the foundation unit as normal at 3.15pm.

The cost of the trip will be £11.50 for F2 children (Kingfishers). To allow us to go we will require the voluntary contribution of £11.50 to be paid by Friday 7th of November. The cost of the visit includes a present from Santa. We will be having lunch on the train so your child will need a packed lunch. You need to indicate on the form below if you want school to provide one. If you do not want your child to go on the trip they will still be required to attend school on this day.

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Visit to Santa – Barn Owls

On Wednesday 3rd December all Foundation Stage children have the opportunity of going on Kirklees Light Railway to visit Santa. Due to staffing ratios we are asking that all F1 children (Barn Owls) have an adult to accompany them on the trip.

We ask for you to arrive at school at 9.45am and will be leaving school promptly at 10.00am. We will arrive back at school at approximately 2.45pm. We will be having lunch on the train so you and your child will need a packed lunch. The cost of the trip will be £18.50 for you and your child. To allow us to go we will require the voluntary contribution of £18.50 to be paid by Friday 7th of November. The cost of the visit includes a present from Santa.

If you do not want your child to go on the trip they will not be able to attend school on this day. We regret to advise parents that there will be no wrap around provision on this date due to staffing reasons. If you do not wish for your child to go on the trip please tell the office staff.

 Thanks very much

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Young Parents Group

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The Juniper Fortnightly ~ Post Four (October 13th – October 24th 2014)

The Juniper Fortnightly ~ Post Four (October 13th – October 24th 2014)

Important dates and events:

Halloween Disco – Thursday, October 23rd 2014 (1:00 – 3:05 p.m.)

Best Table Winners…

Week ending October 10th 2014 – Jordan, Jasmine, Hannah, Louis, Lewis and Cadey.









Week ending October 17th 2014 – Rachel, Fallon-Sonnie, Morgan, Callum, Louis and Sam.








Learning in the Juniper Class:

We have been taking part in a number of Maths, English and DT activities linked to Halloween. We learnt about the origins of Halloween first celebrated 2000 years ago by the Celts – a festival called Samhain. We learnt how the festival has changed over the years from a celebration of old and new life to the fun, trick or treating and ghosts and ghouls of the present day.

We imagined we were planning the Halloween disco and budgeted for food in maths. We developed our measuring skills by measuring the dimensions of the hall, calculating perimeter and planning where things could be located, drawing a clear map to scale. We also created Halloween party games, symmetrical bunting and wrote invitations as well as envelopes to contain them. This TASC approach helps the children to be in control of their own learning and present their knowledge as they wish.

Swimming Success

A number of children are achieving dolphin badges in their swimming. Please bring your certificates to school so that achievements can be shared with the class.


In maths we have been learning to calculate area and perimeter. Some children also learnt how to calculate the area of an “L” shaped room. Quite a task!


In English, we have been learning how to write persuasively. The children had fun designing their own houses. They then became estate agents and tried to persuade others to buy their properties using techniques such as rhetorical question and opinion hidden as fact.

Y4 Guitars

Well done to the Y4 Juniper children for your effort and progress through the first term of your guitar tuition with Mr. Fuller. Learning an instrument from scratch is not easy! A number of children can now play the riff to Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger”.


We hope you all enjoyed our performance of “Fair Rude Trade” at the recent harvest festival. The Junipers sang brilliantly and conquered their nerves fantastically. Singing in public is fun but also takes a lot of nerve. Well done everyone!

Sketch Nation

In ICT, we have used the Sketch Nation app to create our own computer games. We became rather addicted to it and created some amazing games. The use of IPads is now an integral part of our curriculum and our children are encouraged to develop their programing skills through the use of a variety of apps using this technology.

Our upcoming theme

After the half term holiday, our new theme will be a geography based scheme of work called “Do you come from around here?” We will be studying our locality as well as studying a variety of European countries, comparing and contrasting both in turn. We look forward to sharing our learning with you on our webpage.

A note for Parents… New for Autumn term (ii) ~ “Secret Blooms”

Our children are encouraged to use a variety of questions to probe further learning and go deeper with their creativity and understanding of concepts taught. Blooms Taxonomy divides questions into six clear categories: Knowledge questions, comprehension questions, application questions, analysis questions, synthesis questions and evaluation questions. In future Juniper Fortnightly posts, a blooms question will be included as a “bonus” home learning task and each category of Blooms Taxonomy question will be in turn explained to you. If your child completes the secret Blooms question and returns their work to the academy with their weekly home learning (maths and English), your child will receive a bonus reward point for their stamp card or two table points (whichever they choose). Look out for the first “Secret Blooms” task in our fifth posting after the holidays.

From our gallery…

Post Four ends with a look back over our first half term together in photographs. Thank you for working so hard everybody and have a fun, relaxing and eventful half term holiday. We look forward to seeing you for our Christmas term. It’s going to be another busy one!

High fives from Mr. Smith and Miss. Speed

Louis and Jacob working on Sketch Nation











Addison and Cadey using the Sketch Nation app to computer program.











Ben treats the class to a Stone Henge cake!











Kyan, Charlie & Jordan working on a stone age PowerPoint presentation.









Golf lessons during PE.









Rachel and Olivia creating sundials in Woodland.









Roald Dahl Day – September 2014


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