Welcome to Carlton Primary Academy

Our Vision:

We are a happy, caring community, where together we can do anything.We have an inspiring and motivating learning environment, where everyone achieves success.

As a member of the Schools Co-operative Society, we are part of a group of schools which uphold the cooperative values and ethos of:

Self-help- helping each other and working together

Self-responsibility- taking responsibility for our own actions

Democracy-giving all stakeholders a say in how the school is run

Equality- giving equal rights and benefits for all

Equity- being fair and unbiased

Solidarity- supporting each other and those in other cooperatives

Our talented team of staff are constantly striving to deliver the very best of opportunities for our children. Our distinctive ethos of care and respect promotes high standards of behaviour and attainment. We provide a rich and vibrant curriculum which stimulates children’s interests and, through our own Forest school programme, our children enjoy learning within our outdoor environment.

We value the partnership between parents, pupils and staff and welcome parents into our school at the start of each day.

I hope you enjoy exploring our website to find out even more about our academy.

Claire Minett

Head of Academy