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Learning Gallery

This half term we are learning all about the Tudors. What this space to see what we get up to...

Can you build the frame of a Tudor House?

Zoo Lab - How can you classify animals?

Tudor House Building

World Book Day - We Love Reading!

PE - Can you move in different ways?

This half term we are learning about the Vikings. By the end of the topic we hope to be able to give an answer to the question - Would you want to be a Viking?

Woodland Art

We have been learning about Andy Goldsworthy. As part of our art lesson this week we went out into the woodland with Juniper class. We created our very own Andy Goldsworthy inspired pieces of artwork. 

Investigating Circuits

Thursday 28th September 2017


This week in science the children have been exploring series circuits. Everyone successfully managed to create a simple series circuit to light a bulb. Some children managed to get buzzers to sound and even motors to spin!

Tuesday 19th September 2017


Today our school day started earlier than usual as we headed off to the city of York to visit Jorvik Viking Centre and The Dig. 


We were met by a Viking at Jorvik who told us all about what to expect on our visit. We headed down the stairs 3 meters underground and saw the glass floor. It was very strange to walk on but we saw evidence of Viking York beneath our feet! Next we boarded the cars and headed off on a tour of Viking York, there were lots of new sights and smells we weren't quite use too. 


Next we headed to The Dig a little walk away where we ate lunch, we were all starving at 11:30! Ross was our guide this afternoon and took us on an archaeological journey of discovery. We got to dig, shake, see and feel our way through four different excavation pits before handling 1000 year old artefacts. We had to use different skills to identify what the different artefacts were and what they were used for. The highlight of our afternoon was getting to hold 1000 Viking poo! 

Willow making Viking purses - Week 1 September 2017


This week as an introduction to our Viking topic we have made our very own leather drawstring purses. The results are fantastic - Well done Willow. 

Design Technology - Viking Purses