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Together We Can Do Anything


Snow Day Homework

Please share what you have been getting up to on your days in the snow. Draw a picture, use photos and write about the fun that you have been doing. Use your Fred fingers and Fred talk knowledge to help and remember to use finger spaces and full stops.

Maths Challenge



We are looking at objects and sorting them according to their size.

Find a pair of shoes for everyone in your house.

Who has the bigger pair then your shoes?

Who has a smaller pair that your shoes?

Can you put them in order from the biggest to the smallest?

You can do this challenge with lots of things around the house.

You could use feet, socks, hands or even hats. What else can you find to

put in order of size? Don’t forget to record by taking photos or drawing and labelling what you have found out.

Welcome to Kingfishers Class!


Welcome to The Kingfishers class. We are taught by Miss Spree. We are supported by Miss Longden and Mrs Arnold. We are going to share our learning and achievements and useful information on this page.


Our PE day is every Tuesday and we are usually taught my Mr Walters for this session. Please ensure your child brings a PE kit on Monday which will stay at school all week and taken home on a Friday. Our Woodland day is every Wednesday. Please ensure your child has a pair of wellies in their green bags which stay in school all year round.




Have you seen the Kids’ Zone? Play games and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites.

Homework and reading

Children’s books will be changed and sent home every Friday along with their RWI homework and maths work to help consolidate what they have learnt in school that week. The children will also have a Home link book with some writing activities in that we will share back in school each Friday. Please keep reading with your child each week.


Mr Carrots

We would just like to say a big thank you to those who have had Mr Carrots visit so far this year. His book is full of adventures and we can’t wait to see what else he gets upto.



Our topic this half term is Minibeasts. We are learning about the parts of the body that make up a minibeast or insect and how we can identify different types of minibeast. The children are looking forward to the arrival of our own caterpillars that we will look after and watch change into butterflies. This will support our learning around the life cycle of a caterpillar.

As it begins to get warmer we will be out exploring the school grounds to investigate which minibeasts live in our school environment. What minibeasts live in your garden? Take your child out and investigate.

The last week of term will have a focus on Easter and why we celebrate this holiday.

Look what we have been learning.

Our theme for this half term is People Who Help Us. We will be doing a variety of activities within this whilst learning about a variety of people who help us. The main ones we will look at are, Doctors, Police Officers, Opticians, Vets, Fire fighters and Chefs. Please talk to your child about the jobs people in their families do in order to promote discussion within school.

Please keep visiting to find out more and see photographs of our learning…

Bread Making

Bread Making 1
Bread Making 2
Bread Making 3
Bread Making 4
Bread Making 5
Bread Making 6
Bread Making 7
Bread Making 8

Early Years Assessment

How to upload an observation from home.