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Robinwood 2017

Breakfast Day 2


Good morning from Robinwood. The children have enjoyed cereals and a cooked breakfast this morning before starting their morning activities. 
We've all had a very busy afternoon with the groups taking part in canoeing, the trapeze and the rocket olympics. It's currently teatime for the children, tonight we are tucking into Pizza and fish fingers. After tea all 5 groups are coming back together for a team challenge before lights out and bed. 

Day 1 Update.


The children have all arrived safely at Robinwood and have begun the momentous trek up the hill to the centre. Staff have reported that all of the children are very excited and keen to start their adventure. Stay tuned for more updates soon!

All children are settled and enjoying their journey to Robinwood. We are very excited about our first activities of Canoeing and Trapeze. Look out for the photographs later in the day 😊
Team Wood - Miss Hawley

We have had a great first day! We started off with the Giant Swing and then went to the Trapeze. All the children were so brave! We then worked as a team to complete the Quest and finished with Rocket Olympics before dinner.

Wow, what a busy day! We started the day with archery, then onto the crate challenge. After lunch, we completed climbing, canoeing (luckily no one managed to fall in!) and caving. We then ended the day with night line, which involved going round an obstacle course blindfolded! Today, we have all been so brave and completed every single activity! Great work team wood, just one more day to go! 

Ridge Group - Miss Baxter

After a long and tiring journey, we eventually arrived safely at Robinwood. We have settled into our rooms and MOST of our beds are made! Our first activity was Trapeze, this was a little scary,  however, we all tried our best and attempted the activity. After Trapeze, there was no time to relax, we went straight over to Canoeing, where we all got quite competitive - including the staff!! Next was Rocket Olympics, the children had to create their own rocket, which would be launched into the air! Our final activity before dinner was the climbing wall, the children worked hard to conquer their fears and reach the squeaky duck at the top of the wall! Super teamwork today Ridge group! 

Day 2 - Ridge Group - Miss Baxter

We all had a really good sleep and enjoyed our breakfast this morning. Our first activity is Caving and then onto the Giant Swing! After the squeals and screams on the Giant Swing, we worked as a team to open the Knights chest, this was really tricky, as we weren't allowed to touch the floor! Our next activity was Night Line, we were all blind folded and had to make our way around the course, however, the evil squirrels attacked us all! We finished our group activities with the climbing wall, which allowed us to build on our skills from yesterday, some of us even climbed the wall blind folded!!! We have taken part in a fun Team Challenge, with all of the other groups this evening, we can't wait for you to see the videos! :) See you all tomorrow!

Mountains - Mr Haywood's Group

We have faced our fears and challenged ourselves on the lake and trapezium!! Very proud of everyone in Team Mountain for pushing themselves!!
What a fantastic day!! Everybody in our group completed the zip wire challenge!! We have some very proud children in Mountains tonight!! Giant Swing, Archery and Crate Challenge complete - one more day of fun to go!!
After a filling full English breakfast, Miss Medley's Crag Group have conquered the giant swing this morning. Getting on a giant swing with a fear of heights is frightening, I am so proud of the children who tackled their fears head on and gave it a go! Later today we will be racing each other down a zip wire line! Pictures of this will be uploaded this evening. 

Crag Group- Miss Medley!

Forest Group - Miss Webster