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Let the adventure begin.........                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Check in daily for more updates.

6th - 8th April 2016

Good morning, the children have just finished their activities at the lake. We starting with canoeing and a tense game of canoe football. Raft building followed the children had to work as a team to build a raft and travel across to the island. Everyone finished the session completing the Robinwood skydive. The children are getting showered and ready before our final activity Dungeon of doom. See you all later 

What an exciting Thursday. We started this morning in climbing, the children conquered their fear of heights scaling the climbing wall. Archery followed, the children made their own pizzas by shooting the arrows at the different colours on the target, we carefully avoided the black and didn't burn our pizzas! Giant swing was next and after a few nervous screams a great time was had by all. 


After lunch we headed into crate challenge and worked as a team to build a tower out of crates. The children all had jobs to keep the rest of group safe. Both groups worked together in Knights quest to solve the problems and raise their flags in order to be a knight of the round table. Piranha Pool was our final activity before tea. With butterflies in their tummies we put on our helmets and headed into the pool. The children had to solve a series of problems to be able to escape the pool before being 'eaten' by the piranhas! 


The children are now enjoying Team Challenge before hot chocolate and bed later this evening. 

Good Morning, the children have all had a good nights sleep and eaten a good breakfast. They are excited for a full day of activities. This morning we are looking forward to climbing, archery and the Giants swing.


Good evening from a wet and windy Robinwood.


We started out Robinwood experience in the caves – the children made their way through the twists and turns of the dark caves, playing hide and seek. A big shout out to Morgan who overcame her fear and was brave enough to enter into the deep dark caves.


The children have had a fantastic day. We were all very brave on the zip wire, racing along the zip wire in the rain and the hail! A big shout out to Jay who conquered his fear and took the leap off the top.


After warming up and adding extra layers and waterproofs we added our blindfolds and headed towards the nightline. The children had to use their communication skills to talk to each other though all of the obstacles whilst being blindfolded. We had an excellent time despite the pouring rain!


After tea we all headed for trapeze, waiting for us was a 4m tall tower with a narrow platform on top.  With a prep talk  to settle our nerves all children took the giant leap of faith. 

Hello from Robinwood.

We have arrived safely and all survived the walk up to the centre. The children are busy making their beds before having their lunch. We are looking forward to going caving, nightline and zooming along the zip wire this afternoon. 

Miss Webster and Mrs Cook are really looking forward to our residential visit and would like to remind pupils and parents about checking clothing lists for what needs to be packed (don't forget your toothbrush!). Please remember that all medication (including travel sickness tablets) and money must be clearly labelled when brought to school on Wednesday. 

14th-16th March 2016

Rapids Group - Mr Weatherley


Good morning. We have arrived at our final day at Robinwood. All of the children were once again exceptionally well behaved during the night. Rapids group had a fantastic start to their final day with a dip in the piranha pool! After some great teamwork and puzzle solving skills, the entire group managed to escape intact. The piranhas didn't manage to nibble any toes! The children have just completed nightline where they have completed an obstacle course blindfolded whilst fending off the pesky squirrels who live nearby and like to wee on the children (much to Mr Weatherleys delight!). After final showers, children will finish their time at Robinwood with the Crate Challenge. We have had an amazing trip, full of fun and challenging activities. All of the Carlton staff are extremely proud of the what the children have achieved and the way they have conducted themselves throughout the 3 days. I'm sure the children can't wait to tell you all about their Robinwood adventure! Over the Easter break Mr Weatherley will put together all of the video and photos which will be shared with parents one night after school and then on the school YouTube channel. Details will be passed on after Easter. We hope you have enjoyed our updates, see you in about 5 hours!



Hi everyone. This s is a brief morning update from day 2. The children are all in the showers following a wet and dirty morning on the obstacle course and canoeing lake. Much fun was had with lots of team work, positive praise, trying new skills and getting your head stuck in a cargo net (Connor !!) during our canoe session we had a great game of water football against the Lake team. Both teams worked hard but the Rapids came away with a 4-2 victory. Children have also completed the Knights quest challenge and are just getting settled down to a well earned lunch. The behaviour during the night was fantastic, the Robinwood and Carlton staff were very proud of the way that children conducted themselves, making sure they got a good nights sleep. In fact, the only complaint we heard was of Very loud snoring coming from the girls rooms. 
Hello there everyone! This is a brief day one report from the Rapids group (Mr Weatherley). We have had a great day. It has been extremely busy starting with the Dungeon of Doom which had lots of problem solving (and arguing) but the children managed to escape before the timer ran out. Next up was an exciting hour on the Zipline. Everyone had 3 goes and we had a mini competition with the Lake group who were on the same activity with us. Special mention goes to Molly who overcame some fears to take part in the zip line. Other activities have included crawling through some very tight spaces during caving, leaping from the top of the trapeze and a team building activity where children had to prevent an egg from breaking when dropped from a great height. Day one definitely gets a huge thumbs up and we are looking forward to day 2. 

Rapids Group - Day 1

River Group - Miss Webster

River group have had a 2nd exciting day of activities with Ste our group leader.

Today we started after breakfast with canoeing. After learning the basics and passing our canoe driving test we were able to enjoy a game of canoe football. The Obstacle course was next on the timetable, the children put their team work skills into practice and successfully navigated themselves around a series of challenging obstacles – some made more difficult by the ‘Hurricane Force Winds!’ After showers and a snack the Dungeon of Doom followed, all the children managed to navigate the sinking floor to reach the main chamber – communication, perseverance and team work were the skills needed during this session to successfully escape the chamber – a dungeon ghost even made a special appearance!  After a warming lunch, the giant swing was waiting. We weren’t sure if eating just before was the best idea but a great time was had by all. To finish of the day the children scaled the 4meter high trapeze and demonstrated some fantastic aim in archery. The children have had a fantastic but exhausting day and are tucked up in bed, getting some rest for another fun packed day of activities tomorrow.


River Group (Miss Webster)

River group have had an exciting day of activities with our group leader Ste. We started after lunch with zip wire everyone enjoyed racing each other down the line. Piranha pool followed which has lots of problem solving. Special mentions go to Kyan, Brad and Morgan for persevering to rescue Trevor and Barbra in the caves. Other activities included night line, where the children complete an obstacle course blindfolded and team challenge, where the children had to prevent the egg from breaking when dropped from a great height in the castle entrance hall. The children have had a great day and are tucked up in bed (hopefully getting some sleep!)

Lake Group - Miss Baxter
Lake Group - Miss Baxter
We arrived at Robinwood this morning and we were greeted by a huge hill, this was the start of our challenging adventure! We started our main activities after lunch, our first activity was the Dungeon of Doom! We worked very well as a team and started to build on our communication skills. Some of us then overcome our fear of heights on the Zip Wire, this was very fun! We also won Rapids team in a race down the Zip Wire - Go Team Lake!!! After our success we moved onto Caving, this was a difficult activity, which meant some of us were required to step out of our comfort zones, but overall we did very well! Our final activity of the evening was the Trapeze, Casey Lee made everyone giggle with his strange noises when jumping off the platform - this became a highlight of our day! After a very long and tiring day, we are now all tucked up in bed and looking forward to what tomorrow brings! 

Lake Group - Day 1

Lake Group - Miss Baxter


Another fantastic day today! We started our morning with the Knights Quest, we were split into two teams and we were required to solve a series of riddles, to unlock the next section of the course. This activity required both teamwork and communication. We then quickly put on our 'War Paint' and then prepared ourselves to complete the Obstacle Course. This activity generated a lot of laughs, especially when Tia Goulding-Roper tried to stand up on the swinging chair, however, she soon found out that this wasn't the best idea!!!! For some of us, this activity encouraged us to step out of our comfort zones. We then prepared ourselves for Canoeing! What an experience!!!! We raced in our canoes, Miss Baxter and Mr Weatherley were both eager to win the canoe race (They were probably more excited than the children!)mWe also played canoe football, some of us got a little more wet than others, but we all really enjoyed this activity! After a break for lunch, we built up the courage to ride the Giant Swing, some of us overcome our fear of heights, some of us made silly faces on the way down and some of us gripped onto the swing, closed our eyes and hoped for the best!!! Check out our amazing photos of this! Our final activity of the day was Climbing. This activity required courage and determination, to succeed and reach the top. We all worked extremely hard when climbing! We are now all sound asleep in our beds, recharging our energy levels for our final day at Robinwood! We're looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!