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Half-Termly News

We have lots of exciting things planned for this half term.


Already, we have participated in an Enterprise day alongside Mandela class. Our task was to design a community fun day for the last home game of the season at Oakwell: Barnsley FC v. Nottingham Forest. Six lucky children - a mixture of Einstein and Mandela pupils - will be attending the finals at the Metrodome Leisure Complex on the 1st April 2020 to compete against other schools. 



In English, we will be writing a diary entry and a newspaper report based on the Husker Pit Disaster, which took place in Silkstone, Barnsley. We are focussing on a range of Y5 skills in order to develop our knowledge and practice of writing. All the knowledge required for each piece of writing will be gained through curriculum and reading lessons, which are focussed on the history and geography of Barnsley.



In maths, we have already learnt how to calculate the area and perimeter of compound rectilinear shapes. Next, we will be revisiting short and long multiplication. By the end of the half term, our Einsteins will be able to use a range of different mathematical skills - be sure to quiz them about what they've learnt. 



Curriculum is focused on answering our overarching question: How has the landscape changed in Barnsley over the last 100 years? Each week will focus on answering sub-questions to support our learning journey:

1. Where is Barnsley?

2. What are the geographical features of Barnsley? 

3. What did Carlton look like 100 years ago?

4. What does Carlton look like now?

5. How did the physical features of Barnsley support mining?

If you or anyone you know has any knowledge and/or experience of mining in the Barnsley area, please get in touch with Miss Rutter (class teacher). 



Similarly to curriculum, our exciting science topic this term is focused on answering the overarching question: How did we become who we are today? We will develop knowledge and understanding of adaptation, evolution and inheritance, as well as performing a scientific experiment. 



Every Monday, in IT (Internet Technology), we are developing our understanding of coding. Pupils are able to put their coding skills into practise using PurpleMash.



In PE (Physical Education), we are lucky enough to be furthering our skills in dodgeball with Mr Walters on a Thursday morning and gymnastics with Mrs Arnold on Friday afternoon. Remember to bring your PE kits and have your hair tied up, so that you are ready and raring to go.