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Autumn Term 2019

October 7th - October 25th 2019

We visited Crucial Crew in Rotherham on Tuesday, October 22nd. We studied and participated in:

  • A court re-enactment (some of use we surprised to learn that we are accountable for our own actions at the age of ten!)
  • A road safety re-enactment (in which we learnt that the stopping distance of a car at 30mph is much further than we think.)
  • A fire safety re-enactment
  • A basic first aid workshop (in which we revised the recovery position.)
  • A house fire re-enactment (where we revisd what to do in the instance of a real fire.)
  • A discussion about arson and the consequences of such an act, including aiding and abetting.
  • A workshop reinforcing how to stay safe on public transport.
  • A workshop based around exploitation.

The year sixes approached each topic with interest and enthusiasm and an informative day was had by all.

September 30th, 2019 - October 4th, 2019

From the Friday Assembly Awards:

Star: Master Harvey Hobson - for relentless enthusiasm and a keenness to take on every job available at the academy - a true helping pair of hands! yes

Code: Miss Jaimee Howard - for hard work and determination and for following the Carlton Code without any further prompts. yes

From the Curriculum:

In Art & Design this week, we made models of Viking brooches from clay and later developed our painting skills through the creation of watercolour pictures of brooches. The task proved to be more difficult than some of the year sixes imagined such were the intricacies of the designs they were given. See the photographic gallery below for images taken of the first of two lessons linked to Art & Design.

In English, the children have started studying the genre of diary writing. They will, in the next few weeks, write a diary entry as a red blood cell retelling the unfortunate moment he/she became lost around the circulatory system of the human body! As we will see, not all the organs of the human body were wholly sympathetic!

In Maths, we have studied standard written methods for solving multiplication problems.

In PE, we are building up quite a good 'Rounders' team, though the pending autumnal weather may put a seasonal pause on this for now as we move our lesson indoors shortly!

Mission 6

Very soon, our children will be supporting the young readers in Class Hanks. Keep visiting our webpage for more information.

Unsure what Mission 6 is? Please ask your child about the project and its aims.

Class Buddying with Mr. Donnelly's Children

Sharing English work with the year four children in Class SD was the end of unit purpose for the children's recent narrative writing.

The children have been writing fantasy stories involving a portal.

This week, they published them and shared them with the children in Ennis-Hill during a special buddying session.

The feedback from the year four children was really good. We clearly have some budding authors amongst the year sixes. yes

September 23rd - September 27th, 2019

Keys Make Afternoon Teas!

Class RS won the most performance keys in upper key stage two this week. Consequently, they will be having an afternoon tea treat on Tuesday, October 1st with tea, coffee and Mr. Smith's homemade biscuits! smiley


The children are publishing their portal stories ready to share with Class SD on Wednesday, October 2nd. They are busy illustrating their books and making them as eye-catching as possible.

Curriculum Round Up:

In Mathematics, we have been applying our standard written method addition and subtraction skills to a range of single and multi-step problems.

In Science, we have been identifying the bones of the human skeleton.

In Geometry, we have been studying 2D shapes and the four types of triangle: Scalene, Isosceles, Equilateral and Right Angled.

Four in a Row Reading Challenge

Congratulations to Jaimee Howard who is our first reader to complete one of our 'Four in a Row' reading challenges. Top reading, Jaimee!

From the Friday Assembly Diaries:

Carlton Code: Miss Holly Dawson - For impeccable manners and a fantastic attitude to all aspects of her learning. The Queen of the Code! yes

Star of the Week: Master Michael Anthony - For a portal story fit for publication. Michael has a mastery of words which helps fires his prose and engages the reader tremendously. The King of Composition and Effect! yes


September 4th - September 20th, 2019

A new year has begun...

Brain Academy

Once a week (typically on a Friday afternoon) we take part in 'Brain Academy' where we play games to stimulate the brain and develop our resilience skills. Games, including 'Dobble' and 'Uno' are strategically designed to give the children a good mental work out... and they're fun too! wink

Brain Academy Board Games Session

September 9th - September 20th, 2019

In English, we have been writing stories to entertain the children in Class Ennis-Hill. We will be shortly publishing our stories and reading them to Mr. Donnelly's class during a special buddying session.

In Mathematics, we have been studying place value, rounding and solving problems involving positive and negative numbers.

In Science, we have been studying the human body, the role of the circulatory system and how to take and measure our pulse.

In Curriculum, we have been investigating the Vikings and done some myth-busting about these fascinating ancient people (for example, they did NOT wear helmets with animal horns attached at either side!)

In French, the children have been learning greetings with Mrs. Greatorex.

In PE, we have been playing multi-sports and Rounders during the lovely late-summer sunshine.

In Art, we have looked at the graffiti artist Kenny Scharf and created some Viking-inspired artwork in the style of the artist.

In subsequent weeks, we will be taking part in our 'Mission 6' challenge where children will earn credits for going the extra mile in the four areas of 'Community', 'Pride', 'Excellence' & 'Respect.' Keep visiting our webpage to stay updated on exciting events and the personal achievementsof our incredible year six children.

From the Friday Awards:

Star: Master Alexander Paling (for an incredible attitude to his academy work in all areas, especially writing.)

Code: Miss Lydia Parkin (for always being ready to learn and for exemplary manners towards peers and adults.)

Star: Master Craig Richardson (because if effort could be graded, Craig would achieve 'greater depth' in all areas. You're amazing, Craig! Keep it up!)

Code: Miss Mischa Bullen (for unwavering politeness, kindness and readiness to learn. Every class should have a Mischa!)