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Together We Can Achieve Anything

5 Ways to Wellbeing

All of our pupils in school have a weekly 5 Ways to Wellbeing session led by a member of the Active+ Team. The team member currently delivering these sessions in school is Scott. 

In our 5 Ways to Wellbeing sessions, our children will:



Connect with each other as a class , using body parts and communication skills 

Become familiar with their own bodies and know body parts 

Learn how to check in with our bodies on a weekly basis , how are we feeling today , connecting with fellow class members 



Notice how our body and breath changes when we are active 

Develop an understanding of looking after your own well being 

Notice the the changes in our bodies from when the children are static to participating in a moving activity. 



Learn how we are all different from each other 

Memorise the Learn way to well being by pointing to our heads and the brain 

Learn new games and activities for being active and to recognise how these make us feel 



Recognise how we can use body parts to memorise the Giving way to well being , using hands to give 

Develop our self senses and what can we give to the class family 

Undrstand what things do we give when we are in school 



Check in with our bodies when we are active and not active 

Use the breath to help ourselves after being active 

Understand the difference and how are body changes when we take part in different activities

Memorise how we are active using our body parts 


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