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Our Learning Journey

Ancient Greece

This term, we are studying Ancient  Greece.

How we will study this topic:

1. Through discussion:

Every two weeks, we hold an 'Ask It' debate in the afternoons.

Debating is a life skill to aid children's speaking & listening skills and the key life skill of communication.

We shall be debating the following topics:

"Was Athenian life superior to Spartan?"

"Is it ever right to resolve your differences through war?"

"What did the Ancient Greeks ever teach us?"

"Does a country's strength lie beyond the strength of its army?"

By respecting each other's opinions, we learn to develop even stronger relationships in class.

2. Through art:

Art is a powerful tool for self expression and creativity is key to promoting good well-being and making connections across different subjects.

The children will be creating images of Greek soldiers, weaponry and artefacts. They will share their work through galleries in class and identify strengths in their own and others' work.

3. Through writing:

At times, it will be appropriate to develop our writing skills into the afternoons through our topic work. One of the projects the children will work on is their own Greek myth.

What else will we be learning?


We will work in teams to promote an aspect of renewable energy and present our projects to our Executive Principal, Mrs. Everett. We will argue for or against the various energy options open to us and discuss how we can be more energy efficient at Carlton Primary Academy. We will work in teams to produce promotional literature and harness our oracy skills in our Ask It sessions to argue persuasively.


We will participate in PE twice per week with both Mr. Smith & Mr. Walters.

We will study French with Mrs. Greatorex.

We will take part in an exciting DT project with Mr. Donnelly where we will study Greek architecture and make three dimensional models of famous Ancient Greek buildings.

With Mr. Smith...

We will have regular 'Book Look' sessions where we celebrate our English & Maths work and focus on specific areas for development relating to our ongoing targets for improvement.


In English, we will study various Greek myths and use these to inform our writing, working both persuasively, writing in the journalistic style and creating our own myths. We will read a wide variety of myths including classics such as 'Medusa the Gorgon', 'The Myth of the Cyclops' and 'Pandora's Box' to name just a few.


We will focus on shape, space and measures this half term, as well as studying ratio and proportion, coordinates, calculating percentages and 24hr time. Arithmetic will be an ongoing skill throughout the half term.



This term, these will be held on Monday, April 8th between 3:30 - 6:30 p.m. Please book a correspondence time with Mr. Smith at a mutually convenient time to discuss your child's progress. 



Gloves on, we will be helping to tidy up Fish Dam Lane on Friday, April 12th.Our effort will be part of an ongoing partnership across the academy with the wider community to take pride in our village. We hope you notice the difference after our work there!