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Welcome to Year Six!


Miss Medley and Mrs Hippwell- Stafford warmly welcome you to your new classroom for

2017 - 2018! 

This academic year, Beech class will cover a variety of different subjects including: English, Maths, Science, History, Georgraphy, Art, DT, ICT, Music, French, RE and PE. 



PE and Woodland Kit


Keeping a woodland kit at the academy throughout the year would be a sensible suggestion to ensure the children have access to a change of clothes to allow them to participate in any outdoor learning. 


Beech PE days are a Wednesday afternoon and a Thursday morning. On these days a full PE kit will be required by the children. Included in this PE kit should be a pair of sensible outdoor PE shoes, such as trainers! This will allow the children to participate in PE if the lesson is taken outside. 

Autumn One


This half- term, our main focus for our foundation subjects will be Geography. In particular, we will be focusing on the topic- Mountains, Rivers and the Water Cycle. We will focus on our topic title, "How do mountains and rivers shape our world?" As well as Geography we will also be studying DT with a particular focus on Electricals and Electronics. This will link into our exciting Science topic which will allow us to investigate the complexities of Electricity. 


Autumn Two


This half- term, our main focus for our foundation subjects will be History. In particular, we will be focusing on the topic- Ancient Egyptians. We will focus on our topic title, "In what way to we investigate and explore the past?" As well as History we will also be studying DT with a particular focus on textiles. Our exciting Science topic for this half- term will allow us to investigate the complexities of Light. 

Spring Two


This half- term our topic is 'Victorians'. Throughout this topic we will be focusing on the subjects: History, Art, Music and P.E. 

In Art, we will be studying the artist 'Lowry' and developing our skills of two point perspective, vanishing points and drawing in the style of the artist. Our main art focus will be Victorian Factories and Victorian streets. In History, we will be focusing on the life Victorian children lived, including wealthy children, poor children, street children and the working conditions for children within this period. In P.E, our focus will be dance, this is an exciting P.E focus for the children as it will incorporate music! Science contiues to focus on 'Earth and Space' and will predominantly focus on experiments and investigations including gravity. 

Home Learning for 02.03.18 

SPELLING: In our English group, our spelling focus for this week are words ending in -able and -ably. Learning these spellings will benefit your reading, writing and SPAG. There will be a test involving words from both these lists on 09.03.18! If you wish to practice and learn the spellings from any other list in our spelling section, you are more than welcome to get ahead of your learning! Additionally, attached in our spelling section are words from the Y5&6 National Curriculum list. These are potentially words that may be given in the spelling test during the SATs SPAG paper.


TOPIC: Attached in the 'topic' section of our class page is a task to complete on 02.03.18.


READING: As an expectation of our school, you should have taken home your reading book and reading record. A minimum of two chapters (dependent on length) should be read and evidenced in your reading record. As a Y6, you are able to write your own comment in your reading record, including which page, or chapter you read from and got to. Your parent or guardian can then initial your reading comment! For extra rewards (dojo), can you write ten questions you could ask your peer about what you have read. In our reading section on our class page, I will attach some question starters you could use to help you!


WRITING: As part of our English group, we have focused on a reading text called 'The Grey man in the Graveyard'. I will attach this to our writing section of our class page. On Tuesday, we wrote the introduction to a journalistic (newspaper) style text. The next paragraph to write should include more detail on the questions 'How?' and 'Why?'

More detailed description of the scenario should be given and to make your writing more exciting, include quotes from eyewitnesses or experts (don't forget to punctuate your direct speech accurately)!